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Remmington - Running On Time

ThStone Dogs recently completed work on a new TVC for Remington.


From Tupac to Tino: Rap’s Holographic Legacy Continued.

The team behind the first volumetrically-captured music video, Roland  Lane, Andy McNamara, Simon Windsor and Brian Carbin, take us behind  their latest project...



SIGNS is a coming-of-age drama about  a teenage carer (RHIANNE BARRETO) coming to terms with the  responsibility of looking after her family after a distressing incident.  Stone Dogs provided full post and grade. It was great to work with  writter and director Yero Timi-Biu and Producer Katie Sinclair on this  really emotional and frankly beautiful short film.


Orchard & Global: Swale Heating TVC

Orchard’s latest futuristic TVC for Swale Heating features a charming animated robot boiler to deliver the key message.


Orchard and RWM: Shaping The Future of Sustainability

Orchard's latest work in 2019 for MHP London and HMP Government

Earlier this year Orchard were set the task of creating a series of animations to educate and demonstrate the impact and advantages of storing the UK’s nuclear waste in a long-term safe site. The challenge; to find a way to cut through as well as delivering the hard facts and clear benefits that the project would bring to a town in England or Wales over the next 100 years.


Orchard and Simply Business's Digital Campaign

We were approached by our good friends at Truant London to put the finishing touches to this quirky campaign for Simply Business.


National Citizen Service "Feel Unstoppable"

The National Citizen Service recently approached Orchard and Ogilvy about creating a social media campaign which could effectively repurpose user generated video content.


Rosland Capital

How do you create low-cost ads for a brand to launch on Skyadsmart?


The Yacht Week - Sound Waves

All good things come in waves. Find the right route for you based on your listening habits.


Adverse Childhood Experiences - Public Health Wales

Working with Bristol-based animation studio, Sun & Moon, to produce this beaut of an animation to promote the work done by the Early Action Together team.


Cooltone PDR

Directed By Josh Bennett

A live-action and CGI mix, this energising film excites audiences through the evolution of the CoolSculpting product, from design to device, before its highly-anticipated unveiling.


Stone Dogs: All Bark, All Bite

Meet the boutique VFX and finishing house giving brands and agencies world-class visuals to chew over


Come and find us in Cannes on the LBB Beach

Only 2 weeks until Cannes and we’re so excited to be sponsoring the LBB beach! Check out this ‘Meet the Sponsors’ article with our Senior Producer (and Cannes Veteran) Sam Dillon!


SNK Studios Marks 15 Years of Creative Sound Design

Founded in 2004, SNK Studios celebrates the happy harmony of talent and teamwork


SNK Studios Focuses on Focusrite Facility tackles audio books, ADR and more.


People are Paralysed by Regret in Purplebricks' Comedic Slo-Mo Campaign

SNAP LDN and Partizan team up with post production house Stone Dogs to launch a mesmerising montage of unfortunate scenarios


Storm & Shelters latest session video for Yamaha Guitars

Storm & Shelters latest session video for Yamaha Guitars.

Acclaimed UK country trio The Adelaides in London’s Metropolis Studios performing their self-penned song ‘Clean Sheets’ with the Yamaha L Series TransAcoustic guitar, in one take.


Compare the Market Reveals New Character AutoSergei in Tech Launch Spoof

The meerkats are entering the robotics age and Aleksandr dons a Steve Jobs-inspired turtleneck in new campaign from VCCP Blue and Passion Pictures